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Waxing Studio in Potsdam

Enjoy an individual consultation and treatment in an exclusive and calm atmosphere.
Discover long-lasting body hair removal using natural tree resins and beeswax:  A tradition thousands of years old, carried out with modern technology in our studio, renders your skin silky and smooth for weeks.

My name is Svitlana Strugar. I am a trained depiladora with years of experience. Professionalism, thoroughness, hygiene in all respects are my top priorities. I would welcome the opportunity to treat your skin.

You can also call me directly at

+49331 281 27 90 91

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Silktouch - Waxing Studio

Jochen-Klepper-Straße 7A
14469 Potsdam

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Is there anything to consider before the treatment?

Please avoid sunbathing, tanning and sauna visits during 24 hours before the treatment. On the day of the treatment please do not apply any creams or ointments to the skin where you want hair to be removed.

How long should my hair be for waxing?

In order for hair to be optimally removed by waxing, it should have a length of at least 5mm. Simply let the hair grow for 2 weeks after the last shave.

Is there anything to consider after hair removal?

After the treatment, the skin will be slightly irritated, but only temporarily. Give it a little time to recover. Avoid sunbathing, tanning and sauna visits for 24 hours after epilation. Please avoid using deodorant on your underarms during this time.

How long does the waxing result last?

This varies from person to person and depends on several factors and on the particular area of the body treated. The typical growth time until body hair can be removed again is between 3 and 6 weeks.

Is waxing painful?

During the initial waxing treatment, each hair is fully removed including its root, and this process is not entirely pain-free. However, with each treatment body hair becomes finer and thinner, so the sensation of pain during the next hair removal decreases significantly - until it hardly hurts at all after a few times.

Which kind of wax is used?

We use top-quality natural waxing products in our studios. The main components of all our waxing products are tree resins and beeswax. These are enriched with conditioning ingredients.


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